Welcome to Alliance Direct Lending

Alliance Direct Lending Corporation gives consumers an opportunity to refinance their vehicle or purchase a different one through one of our lending or dealer partners. With over 20 years experience in the auto industry, Alliance has the tools to make your next refinance or purchase a fast and easy transition. With its partners, Alliance has the opportunity to capture the best rates around, that makes YOUR payment fit YOUR budget.

Lower Your Interest Rate

Most people want to lower their monthly expenses and increase their disposable income. If you have a car loan, reducing your interest rate can result in a lower monthly payment. Hence, you'll have cash to put into savings or pay down debts. Some car buyers obtain a higher rate due to no credit history or poor credit.  However, with some people their credit score increases because of good payment history on their auto loan, credit cards and other kinds of debt.  What Alliance Direct Lending aims to do is target people with great credit but ridiculously high interest rates.

Alliance was able to lower my interest rate from 29% to 6.5%.  I didn't even know I had good credit. With our proprietary algorithm and relationship with our partners we are able to target people with high interests rates. By targeting people with high interest rates and good credit we help them on their way to increase their disposable income by lowering their interest rate on their current auto loan. Or in many cases we will refer the customer to one of our thousands of auto dealerships across the country to take advantage of subvented rates through the manufacturers which can be as low as 0%.